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Payment Processors (Online Wallets)

Hello! Nice to Meet You
I'm Mark Crosby

I’m an internet marketer. I’ve been making money online successfully for 3 years. I want to show you the exact blueprint of what I'm currently doing to make $5,500 per month across all of my income streams combined.

In August 2015 I was able to quit 12 years in call centres and make money online full time. I'm nobody special. I just followed what other successful people were doing and kept doing it until I suprised myself with good results.

I personally created a system called the Yellow Brick Road which is now version 3.0. Me and my business partner have been teaching this proven strategy within the system for years. We know it works. So do the thousands of people in our facebook group.

Yellow Brick Road (YBR) has three businesses which all work together - FutureAdPro, Power Lead System and Exitus Elite.


First of all - I chose FutureAdPro as the front end of my Yellow Brick Road system because I deem it to be the safest in all revenue sharing companies online today and I believe it will stick around for years to come. 

It is owned by 5 year old "FutureNet" which has many ways of generating revenue and are even releasing their own cryptocurrency coin.

FutureAdPro is the advertising platform which allows the users to share the company revenue when an "AdPack" is purchased. This means when you buy a bunch of views to your links - you'll also make money doing this over time.

To transfer funds to and from your bank account with FutureAdPro you'll need to quickly set up a free payment processor such as Payza or Coinbase (Bitcoin wallet). In fact if you're new to making money online - you'll soon learn these payment processors become absolutely essential. Most online opportunities use these sorts of online wallets for product purchases and payouts.

Now... FutureAdPro AdPacks are either $10 or $50 but you can also buy AdPacks through the earnings the system generates. This means your focus should be getting to the point of which no AdPack purchase comes out of your own pocket.

This takes time and patience depending on your budget but the reward is worth it because it will provide a predictable income which can be treated like an online wage that is paid into your account every 15 minutes.

Although FutureAdPro cannot guarantee the earnings - one $50 AdPack generates $60 at a current rate of around $0.50 per day per AdPack. This has been steady since launch of the platform.

As I write this now I currently have 221 $50 AdPacks (shown above) which earns me around $120 per day including commissions I make from my team.

My FutureAdPro business has turned over more than $20,000 in less than 9 months. My daily earnings grow every single day my AdPacks grow. 

Obviously there's no profit in simply growing your AdPacks for the sake of it. So our Yellow Brick Road strategy teaches to use this earning for 2 things..

  1. Pay for good quality traffic to your YBR system from a quality source such as
  2. Pay yourself a percentage of the weekly earning

The YBR strategy also allows you to build a team of FutureAdPro users who will generate you commissions for every single AdPack they ever purchase.

This is a very powerful and effective way to accelerate your growth in building your Ad Packs.

Power Lead System

I'll try and keep this section short for you. Power Lead System (PLS) is the system which allows us to share the whole Yellow Brick Road System with everyone else using "share codes". 

Not only that but PLS has tons of training and features. If you don't have a web site or any platform to make your own web pages of any sort - Power Lead System provides all of these facilities which is great for the relative newby. 

Even today I create simple web pages in PLS to deliver messages to my subscribers even though I know how to build fully functional web sites. It's just so quick to use once you've learned how to use it.

Power Lead System hosts the entire Yellow Brick Road System (among other systems I have created inside PLS you'd be welcome to use) but also has an excellent compensation plan you can see here. They pay out residual income every Wednesday and offer upgrades for $100 and $400 commissions.

I created awesome presentations in my Yellow Brick Road system which explains the benefits of upgrading to the Diamond and Platinum levels in PLS. Big commissions basically.

Yellow Brick Road 3.0

Here is the overview of the whole Yellow Brick Road strategy. As mentioned above - we're building up our AdPacks in FutureAdPro (which I have tutorials inside the system to show you how to do) then using the profit for quality traffic and to pay yourself.

The YBR web pages and email campaign are all coded to you once you’ve set up your YBR system.

Understand that Yellow Brick Road 3.0 is a complete system which includes every thing you need to grow an online income from scratch.

But it is incredibly important to actually begin building your AdPacks in FutureAdPro otherwise you'll quit before you even get started.

I have become known for putting together extremely simple step-by-step video guided walkthroughs for everyone from complete newbie’s to seasoned marketers with big teams.

Set up your own Yellow Brick Road System here

Exitus Elite + One Spot Bonus

Exitus Elite has personally earned me more profit than any other online opportunity in the 3 years I've been doing this. I don't say this to brag. I say this to prove to you Exitus can literally change your life - because it has done just that for me and my family.

As shown above. I've made over $17,000 of pure profit in the short 7 months I've been involved with Exitus as I write this now. I say pure profit because all of those payments were personally sent to me via Paypal, Bitcoin or Payza by my team members. 

That's why Exitus Elite is different to other online opportunities. It's a member to member payment system. This means the prospect simply sends the payment direct to the refferer (also called a sponsor) via one of the referrers chosen payment method. I prefer Paypal - but also accept payments via Paypal and Bitcoin.

They pay 100% commissions of either $100 and $1000. It only takes one $1k commission per month to make a big difference in most family househoulds - including mine.

Imagine the difference more than 5 of these commissions per month could make in your life?

Exitus is powerful. A total no brainer to be chosen as the optional upgrade in my Yellow Brick Road system labelled the "Profit Maximizer". 

Exitus is a large database of internet marketing training and video courses known as the "Genesis Library". 

The Exitus Membership fee is $99/3 months or $299/year.

And the Genesis Library is divided into two products..

  1. Genesis Advanced - $100 one time.
  2. Genesis Elite - $1000 one time (includes Genesis Advanced too).


If you plan on joining me in the Yellow Brick Road System and also wish to join me in Exitus at the "Genesis Elite" $1k level - you qualify for my One Spot Bonus.

This means I will send you 500 clicks of paid traffic from YBRTraffic totally free. That's a saving of $350! I will also set up your entire YBR system at an advanced level for free if you have an Aweber account. That's is a saving of up to $55.

Lastly I will set up your own One Spot Bonus sales page for you to use to help you make your own first Exitus $1k commission.

See full details of my One Spot Bonus offer here.

If you want to join me at any level don't forget about the membership fee. I have an illustration below to show how to send the payment for the product to me via Paypal or Payza.

The image below was taken from something else so includes the words "include fees" but you really don't have to. Just send either $100 or $1000 total depending on the level you're joining me at. Then I'll confirm it in my Exitus dashboard.

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