Why Sales Funnels Are Essential To Making Money Online

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"It's All in the Follow Up"

The first thing you need to understand about converting a lead into a customer is almost everyone will not make a buying decision the first time they see your offer.

It takes at least an average of 7 times of seeing an offer for someone to make that buying decision.

I see people make huge mistakes online based on this all the time.

Take FutureAdPro for example - as I'm personally clicking my ten ads every day watching advertisements other FutureAdPro members have set up - I notice a lot of those web pages are just straight sales pages with no way of following up with anyone interested in the offer.

There's no opt in form to capture an email address anywhere on the page for an email follow up series.

This is basically what sales funnels are - automated systems designed to return leads to the offer (through one or more sales pages in sequence) increasing the prospects awareness.

Repetition breeds trust.

The more often you show your subscribers the same offer - the more likely they'll at least realize YOU believe in it and therefor the more likely they'll join or buy from you.

My recommendations are Aweber & Power Lead System for creating and sharing sales funnels which I use with my YBR system.

Capture Pages

An online sales funnel will begin with a capture page (often referred to as splash pages or landing pages).

These are designed for one reason - to capture the prospects email address.

With my Yellow Brick Road system - the capture pages also ask for the prospects name. This is so the email follow up sequence can be more personalized and will often use the prospects name in the email subject lines and bodies of the message.

Capture pages can also offer something in exchange for an email address. These are called lead magnets. These are typically training videos or PDF e-books offered after a person gives their information.

At the moment the Yellow Brick Road system capture pages do not use lead magnets but are carefully designed to generate curiosity and are proven to convert very well.

In the future though - I will be creating more capture pages which do offer a bonus training video or PDF in the first email that goes out in the follow up series. I'm always looking to improve my sales funnels for all to use.

Here are some of the YBR capture pages..

Email Follow Up

This is where the money is made in terms of sales funnels. This is where we build trust and more awareness of our product or offer.

It's widely considered essential to at least follow up on a daily basis for the first ten days after the prospect opted in to the email list.

Early in my online journey - I remember personally feeling like my autoresponder was sending too many emails and I was annoying people. It's important to understand we are only concentrating on the leads who are actually ineterested in our offer.

You'll never keep everyone happy when you're getting traffic to your sales funnels no matter how often you're mailing them. In fact if you try do that - you'll dramatically slow your own progress down.

Learn to have thick skin and remember you're running a business. Focus on what it is that makes you money - not what keeps people happy.

That doesn't mean mindlessly spam your email list every day either. You need to offer value in your messages. Making people laugh and entertaining your subscribers is a very effective way of building trust - all the while reminding people about your offer.

I posted all my ninja tricks and tips of writing emails in my facebook group back in November 2016. It's definitely worth a read if you're looking for tips on writing email copy.

My YBR system includes a pre-written email series which will be entirely coded to your FutureAdPro, Power Lead System and Exitus Elite (optional) links if you'd like to get started with a high converting sales funnel.

Sales Pages

Sales pages work best with sales videos. I personally have a background in music production and have always had an interest in any sort of media production. This passion has accelerated my learning in how to put professional looking presentations together.

Hey - I might not exactly get head hunted by Pixar but I do pride myself in the fact I can convey a complicated message in a very simplistic format in my video presentations.

Syncing the text with spoken audio works very well in sales videos for holding attention. I use this technique a lot in sales funnels I create for others to use.

Sales pages + videos require a few elements to convert well:

  • Logic
  • Speak to the viewers emotions + desires
  • Income examples
  • Income proof
  • Testimonials from real people
  • Very clear call to action

Now... those requirements mainly apply to public sales funnels available to anyone - such as YBR 3.0.

Not every single one of those elements are required if you're building your own personal funnel which is only going to be yours!

Never ever forget that people buy from people. This means the main reason someone will decide to join or buy from you - will be based on you - more than the business.

I know some marketers who make six figures per year with incredibly simple web pages and videos of themselves in their kitchen just talking about the businesses they're a part of.

What I'm saying is - it's actually much easier to create high converting sales funnels if they're only to be used by you. You won't need professional looking videos or web pages. You only need to show you're a real person who can provide value + direction for anyone joining you.

This works best when you're creating content about all the different aspects of your offer separately on different web pages and videos. 

Your audience will digest information better focusing on one subject at a time instead of giving all the information at once.

My YBR system should be used as an easy springboard to get started building an online income with a ready-made sales funnel.

As you gain more knowledge + experience - you should be working towards creating your own content and sales funnels because they will convert better than anything else you'll ever promote when done properly. People buy from people.

Join Yellow Brick Road 3.0 below and make sure you have your online wallets set up such as Payza so you can start building up your AdPacks in FutureAdPro

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